Manby Grange Farm

The Manby Grange farm is situated in Lincolnshire on the outskirts of Louth. Our pedigree herd is a closed herd which has been generated over the last 25 years by the late Graham Lowry. He and Barbara took over the farm and developed there passion of limousins. The family farm has been farming for over 100 years but through the times has seen Graham's mother, father, brother and now his youngest daughter carry the legacy on.

The Manby Grange herd was very proud this July when they got accredited on a bull they sold locally to a new and up and coming local breeder. This got in the top 10 breeders in the country for its Ebvs. This is based on the genetics of the cattle. Emma quotes "my father was so proud to introduce and help set new breeders to the limousin breed". The stock bull at the moment is a Milbrook Dartaganan which relates back to Wilodge Fantastic. The majority of the herd is a background of the Mas Du Clo breeding among others. The farm has been a closed herd, and we currently have 30 suckler cows and wish to grow this to 50 in time. We are small but are sensible on prices. The ultimate aim is to sell at Carlisle and hit a magical figure with a homegrown bull. It will happen one day! We calve in the autumn and spring and we keep to a tight calving pattern. We also use artificial insemination on some cows, to bring new bloodlines in, as we can't have Famous the bull going back on his daughters. Our new bulls this year are Hydro and Gold Card as well as Hamlet among others.

Looking to Buy?

We have sold all over the country and are happy to deliver the bulls or heifers. We get repeat business, and joining the health scheme has meant we can check our performance, monitor this well and ensure that every beast can perform to its full potential. The high growth rates, plenty of shape and most importantly easy calving is paramount. This is why customers and breeders find success with the Manby Grange herd.

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